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Balsa Sheet 3.2 x 102 x 915mm    (1/8 x 4 x 36
Balsa Sheet 3.2 x 102 x 915mm (1/8 x 4 x 36")


Building Jig
Building Jig


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Brushless Adjustable Motor Mount OUT OF STOCK BACK SOON
Brushless Adjustable Motor Mount OUT OF STOCK BACK SOON



Maricardo Ref: RCME418
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Maricardo CNC pack, additional wood pack also available

Name: Maricardo Aircraft
Type: Sports Aerobatic
Designed By C.A. de Felice
All-Up Weight: 4 1/2-5lb
C of G From L.e
Rec’d engine range: .29-.53 two-stroke .48-.54 four stroke
Rec’d no. of Channels: Four (five servos)
Control Functions: aileron, Elevator,Rudder,Throttle

The Maricardo is straightforward to build from the new plan, which follows the original very closely. As with all plan-built aircraft, it’s a good idea to make a kit of parts before assembly. Note that the original dihedral is dispensed with, so the dihedral brace is flattened and now becomes a wing joiner. Since she’s a traditional balsa-and-ply model and needs neither cowl, canopy, fibreglass nor commercial items to complete, she is amazingly cheap to build. This traditional building method also produces a model that’s tough and that shrugs off most of the petty knocks and grazes. If you do break a bit off her, it will repair easily, since the construction is so basic. Truth is, if you pay careful attention to fuel proofing and seal all the edges, she’ll probably be flying in twenty years time, barring thumb-trouble, of course!

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