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Balsa Sheet 3.2 x 102 x 915mm    (1/8 x 4 x 36
Balsa Sheet 3.2 x 102 x 915mm (1/8 x 4 x 36")


Building Jig
Building Jig


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Messerschmitt Taifun BF108
Messerschmitt Taifun BF108


Brushless Adjustable Motor Mount OUT OF STOCK BACK SOON
Brushless Adjustable Motor Mount OUT OF STOCK BACK SOON



Stampe Kit Ref: PR105
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The Stampe is of course world famous. Our model is the SV4B and is 1/4 scale. The construction of the fuselage is a framework of Laser & Router cut liteply over which selected balsa and hardwood strips are used to build up to make the shape. The wings have laser cut balsa ribs on hardwood spars and are built in one piece.The bottom wing is secured using locating dowels and 6mm bolts, the top wing sits on a pre-shaped wire cabane frame and is also secured with 6mm bolts. The outer cabanes are retained with quick links top & bottom. The cowl is a mix of moulded plastic and 0.8mm ply wrapped around a liteply frame. There is plenty of room for practically any engine, including petrol and big 4strokes. A fibre glass cowl is available for the larger petrol engines. The kit includes instructions and a full set of plans. Undercarriage and inboard cabanes are pre-bent. Basic accessories horns, hinges & links are included, but not engine mount or fuel tank because of the different type's engines that can be used.
The model pictured is fitted with a 38cc Zenoah petrol engine and because of it's size a fibre glass cowl was used and the fuel tank is installed in the front cockpit.

Wing Span : 2090mm (82.5")
Radio : 4 Channel
Engine : . from 91cu.ins 2 stroke & 4 stroke to 38cc petrol.

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